Adventures in Pittsburg

We have family in Pittsburg and we normally travel the second week in December for an early Christmas.

Down the street I believe butler street has amazing shops.

Theses are the fun shops we went to eat. I will say Pittsburg has really good food in general.

Butler street has a bunch of boutiques and fun hipster shops. I found this really cool thrift shop that’s more of a higher end shop.

Over all it was a super fun time and I got to spend time with family.


Cramming before travel….

Its funny we always say we are going to start preparing early but we never do. I know all the things that need to be done but i wait till the last minute anyways. Sense the whole family is leaving we have to have someone come over and animal sit.

This means according to my mom everything needs to be super clean. lol.(ME: put laundry away and I’m done) Anyways I’m regretting on getting started on everything even packing.

I started with my room i removed eveRelated imagerything off the floor it was mostly clothes and garbage. Then i started in one corner in my room and worked my way around with sweeping and i did the same thing with de-cluttering. I still need to was my bedding because I’m not sure what room my family members are going to sleep in.

Sorry mom but i didn’t really clean my closest i just shut the door. I mean you gotta do what you gotta do.

I continued this with all the other room upstairs.

Then final step i figure out what i need to pack.




MEMO!!! #Blogmas

Ive heard of Vlogmas but never of blogmas. So i wanted to do a shortened version of the month long festivities and just do the week of Christmas.

Prefect morning routine!

I’m sure many of us have been wanting to become an early riser but just don’t know how to get there. Lets just say i am a “grumpster”(extremely grumpy)without my morning coffee. I could live off coffee….. i think i have a problem.

Image result for coffee

I’m currently working on a project/challenge for myself and hopefully some of the things I’m learning will help you in your everyday life as well.

So people always talk about meditation and yoga. Blogger and Youtuber say it changes there day to day life. I’ve always wondered if it was true. I’ve done a few yoga classes and i enjoy it just seems like glorified stretching to me.   Image result for yoga poses

I have dabbled in some stretching in the morning time and i have completely enjoyed having that time for myself. I would say it defiantly helps get the blood flowing. I have to see what are some good yoga poses for lower back pain, headaches and anxiety.

Another big blogger idea is morning pages but i’m not sure if i want to wake up and think about how stressed i am. Same with writing a to do list i can see waking up and getting ready for the day and then figuring those things out.


So the plan is to wake up at 5am Monday-Friday. I am looking forward to getting to bed early. HAHAHA Image result for rustic desk

So they always that you have to have a reason to get up early. My reason is to keep my space organized and to research/write blogs. Of course im not going to just wake up and start blogging. I would like to enjoy my mornings alittle more instead of just getting up out to bed and hurry to get ready for the day.

Id like to take a step back and enjoy my mornings so i can hopefully enjoy my day. My full time job isn’t really exciting so id like to be able to make my space something i cant wait to come home to.

Steps i can take in the morning are making my bed as soon as i wake up so i don’t crawl back into bed. Image result for rustic bedThis will also help with checking something off my list. So hopefully it will help me to keep the ball rolling. I tend to do laundry at night and just leave it in the hamper. So I’m hoping to put away my clothes after i get ready for the day.(brushing teeth and hair, washing face and changing)

I would also like to pick up my space so i don’t have to walk on top of everything. Or just the plan fact that i will know where everything is once i find a home for the misc things that i seem to collect.

This would also help me with getting dressed in the morning or i could possible layout my clothes the morning before.

Then my next step would be journal and also write out a to do list which I’m good atImage result for journals making but not doing. Also I’m not the best at randomly thinking of journal promps. I go with the basic what i should do or need to do and then things seem to flow from there.

I save work for last because if i only have so much time to get something done i will mostly complete it or get enough done. I normally save 2/3 hours a day for my blog. I enjoy writing and sharing my ideas but sometimes i like to relax and enjoy my night time routine. Which i will make another blog post about.


Making a Dream Board

I know we all have ideas of what a perfect person looks like and acts like. But is it realistic is anyone prefect…. I think not.

So what i believe that making a dream board would be the first step so you can see this everyday to remind yourself of you goals and desires.

Image result for Organized closet

My closest now is a great design i just wish it looked more eye appealing. I was thinking at looking at Ikea because they normally have reasonable priced furniture.

I like the idea of the baskets because i have a few items under my bed and Ive been trying to not have anything under it. It seems to just collect dust and now ill be able to just move my bed and sweep under it.

Image result for blog pages

Find something i love to do everyday and not worry about making money. Just enjoy something i do and maybe find ways to connect with people.

Also make my blog into a beautiful platform and inspiring space to share my dreams and ideas.

Image result for travel

Traveling is one of my passions i love seeing the world for its beauty. So many people go into life noise blend and live each day like its the worst day ever. I’m slowly realizing that we can decide how we live our lives. No one controls us but they can help direct us.

Places i would like to travel:

Image result for alaska            

Related image          Image result for paris

I know this may seem scary because at this point i and I’m sure a lot of us are not financially stable to just randomly hop on a plane. This is the only down side of making a dream board you realize how much work and time it will take to get to the places and lifestyle you would like. But you can always fill your dreams as long as your willing to put in the hard work.



Third step

Okay so I already figured out some things I believe I need to work on. I started with clothes, but my space is still dirty. I need to look at the spaces and places that need declutter and revamped.

            One space I would really like to work on is my desk. My desk doesn’t really make sense I just throw whatever I don’t want to put away on it. I’m not sure what my theme is going to be or what I would like to buy to place my papers and bills in. But that’s later down the road and I want to focus on what I have.

            Another space that was cluttered was my chair and basket in the corner of my room. I always throw my clean clothes over the chair, but I took care of those yesterday. But now I need to spruce up my chair and add some fun pillows and fluff up the chair some more. The basket just collects all the things that I know longer use or read. So, I think I will donate almost everything in the basket.

            A major task and space I need to clean is my bathroom and the cabinets. I had probably two loads of clothes on the floor and I was embraced I was like if anyone came over I would not let them upstairs. I have products I don’t use just sitting and collecting dust in the cabinets and under the sink. I walk in to my bathroom and look at my counter top and must search for my youth brush and tooth paste.

            I also have a closet that literally has trash and things that need to be donated. I look at it and just close the door. Let’s just say I do not want to start. This will probably be in a day of its self when I have a weekend day off.

            I would like to dust all and everything upstairs because I’ve been getting colds lately. I hate dirty glass, so I will Windex because my mirrors are so gross. I also need to sweep I have a cat and he sheds way too much. So this will wrap up the cleaning and clearing out my space.


To Do list:

  1. Throw all trash away and take them outside
  2. Declutter desk
  3. Declutter dresser
  4. Declutter cabinets in bathroom
  5. Declutter bookshelves
  6. Dust
  7. Windex
  8. Sweep

Second Step: Clothes

Okay now that I have planned out the things I want to work on as whole. I need to go through my life and figure out all the aspects and things I want to work on in my life. I guess in need to look at all the small things and see where my day begins and what influence the not so good decisions I make.

Well we all start in our beds in the morning and wake up to whatever condition are room is in. So I’ve decided to look around at the mess I’ve created in my life and realized my space and where I work is a mess to. So, it makes sense why I’m unproductive and never want to complete anything.

I started with a simple task well should say a couple simple tasks. I’ve realized my major categories that need de-cluttering and revamped up are my closet and decorations in my room. I started with cleaning all my bedding because I want the first step of my day to be making my bed. This is something I will put into my routine everyday. Which that reminds me I need to make a routine but that will be later down the road after I figure out how I can clean and organize my space.   

Going back to things I can do with the space I’m living in. My room is a hot mess right now. My plan is to slowly get it clean because if I do it all at once I get super overwhelmed. So once my sheets are out of the dryer I will make my bed. Then I will do laundry and organize all my items into sections on my bed. Once all my clothes are washed and put on my bed, I will go through each category and figure what trash, dona-table and things I want to keep.

This only scratching the surface of what I would like to do but for right now I think that is enough for one day and it’s a big part of my room because I normally have clothes all over the floor.

I need to de-clutter many other things as well but I will get to one of those things tomorrow.


To Do list:

  1. Wash bedding
  2. Make bed
  3. Wash bedding that was on my bed
  4. Was all laundry even if it’s clean
  5. Place into categories on my bed
  6. Discard of the ones i no longer want
  7. Donate clothes that are in good condition that I don’t wear
  8. Organize and put away the clothes i’m keeping
  9. Re organize my closet and make it something I enjoy walking into

First Step: understanding

What can I do? This is a question that everyone comes face to face with at one point or the other. We always think I’m one person what can I do that will make a difference. I know that for some people it seems too big of a task but if you change something in your life every day you can become someone you want to be. For example: I would like to become more educated on the world, so I decided I would do some research on why we are overseas in other countries. Are we really helping? Or just creating more conflict? I found I became ignorant to politics and what people really stand for and gave up on doing the research. We only see what the press produces for a story. As the years go on you realize everything is not true.

I’ve always thought this in my life well not only because I feel empowered but because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. It’s not only that I don’t know what do as in a career but in everyday life I just wake up well roll out of bed. Get ready for work and come home and realize how many bills I must pay and how dirty my space is then just fall asleep. This cycle repeats until I have moments like this and am like come on you need to get up and do something with your life. I struggle with depression as well so sometimes it’s hard to get myself moving but I need to stop using that as an excuse. I will have to say I’m a step by step kind of person I could never see the big picture with anything.

So hopefully I can make a routine and slowly add something every day to get to place I want to be in my life. That’s one thing I need to learn is to stop wanting to get to the finish line and be the turtle not the hare. I am defiantly one of the people who like instant gratification as well as many others I feel it’s one of those lovely human traits.

I want to explore my life and enjoy the life I live and not think of it as the life I’m not living. If you think as your life of what you haven’t done or experienced, you may never get to the point of those moments or adventured dreaming of as a child. I know it’s hard to look life as the now in this moment what can I do to better myself. I’m still not at this point I’m trying to get there with every aspect of my life.

I need to do some soul searching. Really figure out what I want in life and who I want to become. Then slowly make steps into becoming that person and bettering myself. The only way I believe I can achieve these goals is to put myself out of my comfort zone.

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