Second Step: Clothes

Okay now that I have planned out the things I want to work on as whole. I need to go through my life and figure out all the aspects and things I want to work on in my life. I guess in need to look at all the small things and see where my day begins and what influence the not so good decisions I make.

Well we all start in our beds in the morning and wake up to whatever condition are room is in. So I’ve decided to look around at the mess I’ve created in my life and realized my space and where I work is a mess to. So, it makes sense why I’m unproductive and never want to complete anything.

I started with a simple task well should say a couple simple tasks. I’ve realized my major categories that need de-cluttering and revamped up are my closet and decorations in my room. I started with cleaning all my bedding because I want the first step of my day to be making my bed. This is something I will put into my routine everyday. Which that reminds me I need to make a routine but that will be later down the road after I figure out how I can clean and organize my space.   

Going back to things I can do with the space I’m living in. My room is a hot mess right now. My plan is to slowly get it clean because if I do it all at once I get super overwhelmed. So once my sheets are out of the dryer I will make my bed. Then I will do laundry and organize all my items into sections on my bed. Once all my clothes are washed and put on my bed, I will go through each category and figure what trash, dona-table and things I want to keep.

This only scratching the surface of what I would like to do but for right now I think that is enough for one day and it’s a big part of my room because I normally have clothes all over the floor.

I need to de-clutter many other things as well but I will get to one of those things tomorrow.


To Do list:

  1. Wash bedding
  2. Make bed
  3. Wash bedding that was on my bed
  4. Was all laundry even if it’s clean
  5. Place into categories on my bed
  6. Discard of the ones i no longer want
  7. Donate clothes that are in good condition that I don’t wear
  8. Organize and put away the clothes i’m keeping
  9. Re organize my closet and make it something I enjoy walking into

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