Third step

Okay so I already figured out some things I believe I need to work on. I started with clothes, but my space is still dirty. I need to look at the spaces and places that need declutter and revamped.

            One space I would really like to work on is my desk. My desk doesn’t really make sense I just throw whatever I don’t want to put away on it. I’m not sure what my theme is going to be or what I would like to buy to place my papers and bills in. But that’s later down the road and I want to focus on what I have.

            Another space that was cluttered was my chair and basket in the corner of my room. I always throw my clean clothes over the chair, but I took care of those yesterday. But now I need to spruce up my chair and add some fun pillows and fluff up the chair some more. The basket just collects all the things that I know longer use or read. So, I think I will donate almost everything in the basket.

            A major task and space I need to clean is my bathroom and the cabinets. I had probably two loads of clothes on the floor and I was embraced I was like if anyone came over I would not let them upstairs. I have products I don’t use just sitting and collecting dust in the cabinets and under the sink. I walk in to my bathroom and look at my counter top and must search for my youth brush and tooth paste.

            I also have a closet that literally has trash and things that need to be donated. I look at it and just close the door. Let’s just say I do not want to start. This will probably be in a day of its self when I have a weekend day off.

            I would like to dust all and everything upstairs because I’ve been getting colds lately. I hate dirty glass, so I will Windex because my mirrors are so gross. I also need to sweep I have a cat and he sheds way too much. So this will wrap up the cleaning and clearing out my space.


To Do list:

  1. Throw all trash away and take them outside
  2. Declutter desk
  3. Declutter dresser
  4. Declutter cabinets in bathroom
  5. Declutter bookshelves
  6. Dust
  7. Windex
  8. Sweep

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