Prefect morning routine!

I’m sure many of us have been wanting to become an early riser but just don’t know how to get there. Lets just say i am a “grumpster”(extremely grumpy)without my morning coffee. I could live off coffee….. i think i have a problem.

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I’m currently working on a project/challenge for myself and hopefully some of the things I’m learning will help you in your everyday life as well.

So people always talk about meditation and yoga. Blogger and Youtuber say it changes there day to day life. I’ve always wondered if it was true. I’ve done a few yoga classes and i enjoy it just seems like glorified stretching to me.   Image result for yoga poses

I have dabbled in some stretching in the morning time and i have completely enjoyed having that time for myself. I would say it defiantly helps get the blood flowing. I have to see what are some good yoga poses for lower back pain, headaches and anxiety.

Another big blogger idea is morning pages but i’m not sure if i want to wake up and think about how stressed i am. Same with writing a to do list i can see waking up and getting ready for the day and then figuring those things out.


So the plan is to wake up at 5am Monday-Friday. I am looking forward to getting to bed early. HAHAHA Image result for rustic desk

So they always that you have to have a reason to get up early. My reason is to keep my space organized and to research/write blogs. Of course im not going to just wake up and start blogging. I would like to enjoy my mornings alittle more instead of just getting up out to bed and hurry to get ready for the day.

Id like to take a step back and enjoy my mornings so i can hopefully enjoy my day. My full time job isn’t really exciting so id like to be able to make my space something i cant wait to come home to.

Steps i can take in the morning are making my bed as soon as i wake up so i don’t crawl back into bed. Image result for rustic bedThis will also help with checking something off my list. So hopefully it will help me to keep the ball rolling. I tend to do laundry at night and just leave it in the hamper. So I’m hoping to put away my clothes after i get ready for the day.(brushing teeth and hair, washing face and changing)

I would also like to pick up my space so i don’t have to walk on top of everything. Or just the plan fact that i will know where everything is once i find a home for the misc things that i seem to collect.

This would also help me with getting dressed in the morning or i could possible layout my clothes the morning before.

Then my next step would be journal and also write out a to do list which I’m good atImage result for journals making but not doing. Also I’m not the best at randomly thinking of journal promps. I go with the basic what i should do or need to do and then things seem to flow from there.

I save work for last because if i only have so much time to get something done i will mostly complete it or get enough done. I normally save 2/3 hours a day for my blog. I enjoy writing and sharing my ideas but sometimes i like to relax and enjoy my night time routine. Which i will make another blog post about.



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